2018/02/17 16:04

I am grateful for the large number of international inquiries I receive.

Thank you very much for your interest in my miniatures.
Unfortunately, the miniatures I am selling cannot be sold outside of Japan.
After seeking legal advice, I was informed that there are no legal issues with selling these miniatures in Japan for the following reasons.
- The designs my miniatures are based on are no longer protected by design rights.
- Trademarks, including three-dimensional trademarks, do not apply due to classification differences.
- Retail of these miniatures does not fall under misrepresentation as defined by the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.
However, some countries including Denmark recognize the protection of copyright on industrial design, an applied art, and therefore do not permit the retail of miniatures without the permission of the original copyright holder.

For these reasons, my miniatures are only available for purchase within Japan. Thank you for your understanding.
I particularly look up to and admire the work of Hans J. Wegner and am working on miniatures of his designs.

While I have since found out that it is not a problem to produce and sell miniatures of his designs, I felt I couldn’t start working on these projects without the blessing of the Wegners.
So, I began my search for someone who could introduce me to a member of the Wegner family.

While it took some time, I was eventually connected with one of Mr. Wegner’s relatives.

The opportunity to send them a greeting itself was very exciting.

I hope that one day I will be able to visit Mr. Wegner’s home and present the family with one of my miniatures.